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Vive offers a fully immersive virtual world experience at a relatively affordable rate, which means many people can get them. The HTC Vive headset has sensitive sensors that track the motion in a room and provide a digital virtual roadmap via all controllers and wireless connections. There are a lot of different kinds of Vive headsets, and the brand encourages all owners to maintain regular cleaning to keep up their excellent functionality.

The Do’s Of Cleaning Vive With UVC Clean Phone Sterilizer

The manufacturer provides a couple of different options to clean the headsets, but none are as safe and reliable as UVC cleaners. They are vigilant enough to warn against things that could damage your devices, such as wiping with wet clothes, applying disinfectant directly onto the surface, or exposing it to direct heat to dry off excess moisture. Thankfully, they also state that UV light rays are potentially harmful to the sets, and the customer cannot be reimbursed if they experience these unfortunate results.

CleanBox only produces UV sterilization systems that have passed the backtest and proven safe and non-hazardous to both technology and human health. Our range of UV sterilizers has become one of the few gold standards in the market, which means they are doing an excellent job at offering eco-friendly solutions and preventing damage.

How Our Boxes Clean Vive

Cleanbox uses a technology that offers eco-friendly and hygienic sterilization solutions. The founders who established it in 2016 sought to make it as sustainable as possible by working with manufacturers who understood how to tweak the system to improve the pace and strength of results.

You can insert your Vive into the UV disinfection robot for the recommended amount of time and do nothing else but wait for it to get clean via the automated cleaning method. The company has invested in more than one type of cleaning box, which makes it easy for you to clean many different types and sizes of devices with little downtime.

Interesting Facts About Our Uv Light Phone Sanitizers

  1. Shortened cleaning time – Think about how many times you touch your headset without washing your hands first and how many times you would have wished to have a fast cleaning method to keep everything disinfected. Our UV sanitizer takes a short period to clean out your system, so it is easy to use it multiple times a day for optimal results.
  2. Inbuilt safety – Our brand has taken a lot of things into consideration when building the cleaning box. As stated earlier, Vive does warn its customers that UV rays can damage sensitive features, and wed we counteract this by only using UVC light that falls within the right frequency range.
  3. Intelligent design – CleanBox has a simple and innovative design that is superior because we want to make the usability smooth and transparent. Some of our tools are easily portable so that you can take them with you on your travels, in the car, on a hike, and in any other place.

Check the website for a complete breakdown and make your order of any ultraviolet light devices today.

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