Cell plans Kelowna

Cell plans Kelowna

Connects Wireless offers affordable and customizable cell plans in Kelowna. Choose the amount of talk, text, and data that work for you. Instead of a "one size fits all" approach to cell plans, Connects Wireless allows our customers to minimize waste and get the most value for their money by offering the most flexible cell plans in Kelowna.

At Connects Wireless, just like the products we sell, all of our cell plans are loaded with value. Choose from great features, such as:

⦁ Call display
⦁ Message Centre
⦁ Call Waiting
⦁ Conference Calls
⦁ and more!

Further, when you bundle your cell phone, cable, and the Internet, you can enjoy premium access to more than 40 live and on-demand channels at any time. Sign up for PressReader and enjoy the convenience of having access to more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines at your fingertips.

Mobile Internet Plans
Starting at $10/mo.

Mobile Internet Flex Plans and the Mobile Internet Plus Plan will give you the ability to share data across all of your devices and stay connected to the Internet anywhere in the nation. Mobile Internet Plans are highly recommended for plan owners who spend a lot of time online. Let's consider some of our popular cell plans in Kelowna:

Canada & U.S. Plans
Starting at $85/mo.

Our customizable Canada & U.S. Plans are ideal for users who frequently travel between Canada and the United States. These plans allow you to use your data in both countries, which offers many practical benefits.

Connected Car plan
Starting at $10/mo.

The Connected Car Plan is an excellent add-on for current cell plan owners who spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel. The Connected Car Plan allows drivers to get performance updates, monitor driving activity, and connect as many as five devices at once to the in-car hotspot.

Basic Phone Pans
Starting at $25/mo.

Though the title of the plan (Basic Phone Plans) might be off-putting to some, Basic Phone Plans from Connects Wireless are very customizable. Basic Phone Plans give users the perfect combination of talk, text, and data according to their individual needs. Users also enjoy the unlimited Canada-wide text, picture, and video messaging with Basic Phone Plans.

Family Plans
Starting at $67.50/mo.

Instead of having multiple monthly cell phone bills for each member of the family, Connects Wireless offers flexible Family Plans that conveniently allow you to consolidate all family members onto one monthly bill. Save $10 with each family member that you add to your Family Plan, and share your data amongst all family members.

Choose Your Add-Ons

Whatever plan you select, complete it with add-ons that work for you. Stay entertained on the go, keep your devices connected on the road, and enhance your current plan with the ideal choice of cell plan add-ons. Talk to one of our agents today to find the perfect cell plans in Kelowna.

Cell plans Kelowna
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Cell plans Kelowna
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Cell plans Kelowna Cell plans Kelowna