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With the world climate today and how everything is changing from a health standpoint, there is always a need for better solutions for cleaning and disinfecting. Whether you are looking at health and germs from how they spread or just trying to ensure everything is clean in general, technology is key. CleanBox has developed a new way to clean smart devices and disinfect smart glasses using UV sterilization.

Why Use Ultraviolet Light Devices?

Everyone knows that it is important to be aware of things like coughing and sneezing, but there are times when you cannot avoid physical contact with people or items. The key is always to do whatever possible to minimize the spread of germs, so when you need to disinfect smart glasses or other devices.

Keep in mind that this is vastly different than using regular disinfectants or liquid sanitizers. While they are effective for hands and other expansive areas, they are not suitable for all surfaces. For example, fabrics and electronics can begin degrading because of repeat exposure to the different chemicals.

A UV clean phone sterilizer is a great tool to battle all sorts of pathogens, from cold and flu bugs to bacteria and all viruses. These units are even great for handling things like fungus and mold spores. While not an alternative to social distancing when your health might be at risk, this is an essential supplemental measure for handling unique situations.

Enter CleanBox – UV Disinfection Robot

To achieve UV cleaning (UVC), disinfection calls for more than just ample exposure to ultraviolet light. You must have the proper distance, length of time, and surface exposure in order to get the best results.

CleanBox has developed patented and highly-tested technology to eliminate 99.999% of contagions. These units are crafted to handle disinfection on every single surface as well as each shadow for whatever device you are cleaning. Not only that, but the unique technology also makes DNA and RNA contagion strands powerless by disrupting them.

When you are looking for a powerful, safe, and effective solution for ensuring that all of your devices are not only clean but can be shared safely, you need your own Clean Box.

Do You Want To Know More About CleanBox?

The OmniClean offers 360° coverage with powerful UVC light technology, a rotating quartz plate, and specialized reflective surfaces. This is total cleaning for every surface of whatever object fits within the unit. Just right for things, small devices, or any business that needs to disinfect smart glasses or virtual reality units.

Just a sampling of the types of devices that will fit within the OmniClean by CleanBox include:

  • iPad
  • Earbuds, earphones
  • Battery packs
  • Microphones
  • Virtual reality glasses
  • Eyeglasses
  • Lav mics
  • Watches
  • And more

Is your safety worth just 60 seconds of safe, effective cleaning? Get in touch with us today at CleanBox to learn more about OmniClean or any other units we carry. You can call us at (615) 208-4042 or click here to buy our state-of-the-art device cleaning boxes.

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Disinfect smart glasses Disinfect smart glasses